How to Submit an Online Journal (ATM) APTISI Transactions on Management

The following are 13 (thirteen) steps to submit a journal at ATM (APTISI Transactions on Management), including:

1. Visit the iJC website at
2. Scroll down and select APTISI Transactions on Management (ATM) Journal

3. Make sure you have an account in the destination journal, if you don’t have it, please register first, it can be done on the link listed here

4. If you already have an account, please log in first

5. If you have entered the user page, continue by clicking on your account listed in the upper right corner and clicking the dashboard, then clicking the new script

6. Then click the new script

7. In stage 1, please check all the checkboxes and skip the comments section for the editor, then save and continue to start the next process

8. Next select Research Results in the Editor Components section and upload your journal file (Doc format) then save and continue

9. Then click edit in the Journal Files section using the original Title of your Journal and fill in the date according to your date when submitting

10. Fill in Journal Title data, Abstract then click add contributor. In contributors, you can fill in the complete data of the author of the Journal, after the data is filled in correctly, click continue

11. In the confirmation section, click on the Final Submission section

12. After that you can freely choose, whether you want to review the Journal, Submit a new script or return to the dashboard

13. There is a notification stating that you have successfully submitted to the ATM journal along with our gratitude

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